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About IMN

About IMN (

We are musicians and entrepreneurs who aspire to help indie-musicians succeed in achieving their indie music goals via helping your explore your creativity and leveraging proven music marketing strategies and tactics. We are dedicated to providing leading edge resources that can help musicians at all levels successfully create music, make beats, produce music, and easily sell your music online… from the comfort of your home.

After leaving our Marketing jobs in Corporate America, we did a lot of soul searching, and decided to pursue our passion for music. We have a love of music (particularly funk music) and play a variety of music instruments…namely the electric bass, also a little keyboard, drums, electric guitar, and do a bit of singing as well.

As entrepreneurs we decided to channel our love of music into a vehicle that would allow us to help other indie musicians succeed in reaching their music goals.

For our site, Indie-Music Network, this means that we are working with some of the top indie musicians on the planet who have achieved unbelievable success by learning how to create music, make beats, produce music, and sell music online with amazing results.

Our goal is to share all the knowledge we have learned from these top indie music experts with you…so you can also achieve your music goals.

We really want to see you succeed with your indie music, and no matter what your experience level is, we are confident that we can provide you with some useful tips and resources that can help you achieve your music goals.

To your music success,

Founder, Indie-Music Network

Reflections Marketing LLC


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