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We thought you’d like to see what some people are saying about Indie-MusicNetwork. It’s great to see others taking the time to let us know what they think about what we’re doing and how we’re helping them out with their music. We’re always happy to help out, and look forward to helping you succeed with your music too!

Check out some of our testimonials below…

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First, I wanted to offer a quick thank you for the kind words you recently posted on my Squidoo lens about my new eBook – Max Lowe’s Ultimate Guide to Promoting Your Music Online. After the months of researching and writing the book and accompanying blog, receiving such a positive review from the creators of such a powerful resources as the Indie Music Network means a lot to me!

The reason it means so much to me is because the Indie Music Network has been a valuable resource for bands and musicians to learn about tried and true methods of making, promoting and selling their music online. I even used IMN resources to help write my own music marketing eBook. There is something for every struggling independent artist at the Indie Music Network!

Thanks again for the words of encouragement. Keep up the good work!

Max Lowe
“The Ultimate Guide to Promoting Your Music Online”

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Dear Indie-Music Network:

I suppose I am a professional; having performed as such since the age of 3 (and I don’t want to tell you how long ago that has been – smile) for audiences near and far, professional and amateur, in competitions and prestigious talent shows and showcases. So it was natural for me to pursue a performing arts business as an adult.

Hence: JAZC Enterprises, LLC. JAZC (pronounced “jazzy”) was designed to help new and established entities in the music and business arena with their goals. We receive many queries daily from musicians (or wanna-be artists) who want to know how one “gets in” the industry. Well, it wasn’t easy explaining and helping with their “instant solutions” until YOU came into our lives.

To be honest, I don’t recall how our paths crossed, but I am sure glad it did. Since receiving our first newsletter from you in May, 2006, we’ve referred countless independent musicians, raw talent, and even teachers, to your website. It’s an outstanding forum for all genres to meet, exchange ideas, learn new techniques, get inside info on gigs, and what-have-you. We call your newsletter the “family jewels” (sic) and even have your site on our computer’s start up menu so we’re up-to-date every time we power up!

JAZC regards IMN as THE PLACE to visit for whenever one needs to succeed in music, and we’d like to thank you for that. There are so many websites out here with lots of affiliations or links to resources that consumes a great deal of time exploring when they can find what they’re looking for – quickly and precisely – with you.

Keep up the excellence!

Respectfully yours,
Gail M. Patterson
Co-Founder & CEO, JAZC Enterprises, LLC


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Thank you very very much for what you do for me. People like you we need in this world. You are a very very good person and you treat all of your customers very very good. Thank you again and keep up all of the (good) work.

Donavon Brown Vice Grip:


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Dear IMN,

I would like to take a moment to talk about two areas of development for me. Although we have corresponded several times about these items, I feel a simple thank you via instant message will not do. I need to express my thanks for the confidence and direction you have helped supply my music dream.

First, I have an overwhelming new sense of confidence in my music that I never had before. The products that you reviewed and recommended have increased my awareness of music theory and helped me become a more intuitive and creative musician. At first, I was very skeptical how one such product you recommended could help me. After all, I am a classically trained pianist and a die-hard rock and roller. I came to you wanting to become a more creative Rock keyboardist.

Your suggestion that I check out a Gospel Keyboard product rung as suspect at first; however, it was a mere 5 minutes into the training that I discovered that nothing I had learned about the piano before, was preparing me to let go . I used to be what they call a sight reader who never grasped the reasons for why certain progressions were played at certain times. Without this knowledge I would have forever been the guy who sat back and envied those naturals who are able to adlib amazing riffs without ever missing a beat.

I have since found that I can now sit in on ANY jam session, with ANY band, WITHOUT sheet music and blend seamlessly. I have actually had bands unsuccessfully trying to steal me away from my group and that feels good. These types of products that you have recommended, along with some of the great equipment deals I have found on your site, have made me as confident as I have ever been on a keyboard.

Secondly, and possibly more importantly, I have finally seen the light as it pertains to selling my music. Once I learned the secret behind why I was not selling before, I almost felt like slapping myself in the forehead for having been so obviously blind to reality. The 27 download sales I had in my first 45 days are not going to make me rich, but they represent 25 more downloaded sales than I had in the previous 3 YEARS of trying my way. For this I am utterly grateful.

Glen G. (The DeadFinger Fred Band)
Cypress, California




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