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Selling Music Instruction

Music Ads Workshop

Music Ads Workshop

Hey, fellow musicians.

The Music Ads Workshop is an online course, in which you will be taught by John Oszajca (successful Musician and Author), on how to use Facebook (Meta) advertising to drive traffic and grow your fan base, with a specific focus on generating profit.

This course is created by a musician who actually knows what it takes to succeed in today’s music industry, so this is a course that is definitely worth your time.

Click Here Now to Get Started==>Music Ads Workshop

It includes more than 5 hours of training lessons and the content is hosted inside of an interactive members area where you can ask questions as you go through the material and get the help you need along the way.  The members area is truly interactive so do not be shy in asking questions.  The goal is to help you succeed in selling more of your music, and this is a great resource to help you do just that.

Click Here Now to Get Started==>Music Ads Workshop

To your music success,


Music Marketing Manifesto

Learn How to Finally Succeed in the Music Industry with Music Marketing Manifesto 4.0

If you’ve been struggling with your music career check this out…

There is a successful musician and online marketer named John Oszajca who spells out what it takes to succeed in the music industry.

Instead of copying what others are doing in the music industry that just doesn’t work, he uses a systematic approach to selling music that works and puts you in control of your own career. Now it’s your lucky day, because John is finally ready to share his proven system with you. The question is, are you going to keep doing what you’ve always been doing and continue to get so so results, or are you ready to jump start your music sales in a big way?

If you’re ready to take your music career to a new level, Click the link below for access to Music Marketing Manifesto 4.0 today

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Music Marketing Manifesto

Submit Your Tracks: Producer for Ice Cube Looking for Tracks

A producer for Ice Cube is looking for tracks so we wanted to ask you if you have any tracks available that you want to submit. The tracks should be hard uptempo south beats/uptempo west coast beats, and amazing full songs/records.

If you want to submit your music to the producer this is what you do:

1) Click here to sign up with our partner Music Gorilla
2) Send a message to in**@mu**********.com and let them know you came from Indie Music Network to receive free credits (25 credits valued at $25)
3) Submit your tracks here for Ice Cube’s producer  by January 16th, 2015

To your music success,
Traci Crowley

P.S. Click here more information on receiving your credits at no cost