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IMN Featured Artist: Carrigan Chantz

Hi Fellow Indie-Musicians, check out our new featured artist…Carrigan Chantz.

CarriganChantz280x280Carrigan Chantz is a talented and experienced songwriter and keyboardist.

Coming off of the success of his debut instrumental album “Austin’s Heart”, Carrigan has just released his new album “Fostering Love”. “Austin’s Heart” took two years to complete and is available from major digital download websites.

Carrigan’s music is very autobiographical and self-expressive.

This experiential, soulful journey covers the feelings, people, places and events of his lifetime as an artist. This trend of heartfelt new age instrumentalist music is a transcending theme in both albums. Carrigan has been around music his entire life. He constantly listened to different styles of music as a child and has been playing the piano since he was just four years old.

The new album was completed in only a few months of driven hard work and dedication. In many ways the new album is a continuation of “Austin’s Heart” so far as Carrigan is concerned. The music is intended to send a message of love, hope and belief.

AustinsHeartCarrigan lives by the credo hope, believe, deserve and receive. This is an expression of Carrigan’s personal goal of making a positive difference in the lives of others. This includes enhancing people’s lives by creating entertaining and inspiring music.

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To Your Music Success,

Traci Crowley

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