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The pros finally reveal their secrets!


I’m going to get right to the point, because I don’t know how long these
new Gospel resources will be available.

Do you want to learn to play like those award-winning pianists that you
hear on the radio?

Do you want to cut the learning time in half and, at the same time, sound
as if you’ve been playing since the day you were born?

Have you played all the “smaller” stuff and want to play with the “Big Boys?”

I know you’re probably saying “of course I do… that’s a silly question.”
Obviously, the response is yes. I know you do, but it can become very
difficult for this reason that I’m about to share with you.

Musicianship and the road to becoming a very talented artist tends to be
extremely sacred. I mean, if you come up in the church or wherever you’re
learning to play the piano, it is treated as a personal art form. YOU learn,
YOU evolve, and YOU progress through practice, practice and more practice.
As a result, many musicians are a little protective of their skills. It’s just that

They do not wish to disclose many of their secrets that took them a very long
time to learn and PERFECT! It’s very individualized and unique to them.
That being said, I think I’ve found something that might help you get inside
(so to speak). I’ve found two amazing artists that, through the website below,
are willing to share with you ALL they’ve learned.

Not only are they going to play for you…In a WHOPPING ***7 HOURS***
and ***6 DVDs***, they’re going to personally show you step-by-step and
over-the-shoulder ALL of the licks and tricks that have given them the
opportunity to play with Gospel Greats.

I’m talking about Gospel icons that we all know and love: Yolanda Adams,
Kim Burrell, Shirley Caesar, Donald Lawrence, Daryl Coley, The Kurt Carr
Singers, Judith, Christie McAllister, John P. Kee, and more!

The Gospel Keys Ultimate Course contains not 1— but 3 courses together!

1. PJ Morgan: Contemporary Gospel Piano!
2. PJ Morgan: Organ Master’s Class!
3. Cassandra O’neal: West Coast Piano!


>>> How to take traditional hymns like “His eye is on the sparrow” and
spice them up with the use of various altered chords, inversions, voicings,
melodic lines, and more!

>>> The core differences between playing the piano versus the organ
(precision, accuracy, etc). Hint: While the notes are the same between the
two instruments, there are some major distinctions that have to be known
or you’ll never produce the contemporary sound you want!

>>> How to effectively transition between chords with melody lines.

This concept is the secret to making your progressions sound more smooth!

>>> Explore extended chords like min9, m11, m13, dom13 and how to spice
them up (using both open and closed voicings). Two musicians can play the
same “kind” of chord (e.g. – min9) and make the sound totally different!

>>> The secrets to accurately choosing the right accompanying chords to a
melody line (examples shown in “His Eye is on theSparrow” and
“Amazing grace” and others.

>>> How to master stride piano techniques (bass and chord in left hand while
the right hand can play melodic lines, additional chords, or fill-ins).


P.J. Morgan’s “Contemporary Gospel Piano” 3-hour dvd course is for any
spiritual musician ready to take their playing to the next level!

Step-by-step, you’ll explore:

—>Organ operations/drawbars
—>Organ tricks
—>Tritone techniques

—>Right hand grace note effects
–>Left-hand chords and voicings
–>Chordal substitutions
—>ii-V-I progressions
—>Organ “runs and preacher chords


Cassandra O’neal’s “West Coast Piano” 2-hour dvd course is for any musician
seeking to develop a west coast contemporary sound. Step-by-step and over
-the-shoulder, you’ll learn:

==> How to play songs like “Give Thanks” with fancy fill-ins, voicings, and
tricks that no one else will show you.
==> How to spice up “Give Thanks” with even more alternative chord
changes and voicings.
==> The art of arpeggiation and how to use it to create the”west coast” feel.
==> The secrets behind harmonic overtones and how to use them to
contemporize any song!

==> Various chord changes “ready-to-play” as soon as you learn them!
==> The secrets behind effectively playing while someone is talking.

Note: These voicings work well behind any pastor or church clerk making

Wow, I know that’s a lot. Hear and Play Music doesn’t play around over there.
So, if you’re really serious about taking your piano playing to the next level
and adapting a crisp and professional sound as well, you owe it to yourself to
take them up on this incredible deal.

Just in case, check out their other resources website by clicking the site below.

All the best,
Indie-Music Network Team

P.S. – You might find more interesting information, techniques, or resources
just by clicking around on their website.
The Independent Musicians source for creating, producing, and selling music
from the comfort of your home


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