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Learn How to Easily Record Music At Home

9 Easy Steps to Help You Record Your Own Music

step 1: Patch Your Music Instruments into your recording device (bass, electric guitar, drums, keyboard, microphone etc)

Patch Music Instrument to Recording Device

step 2: Loop drum track, or your live drum rhythms into your recording device to make sure you are set up to keep your groove (or stay on beat)

loop drum track

step 3:Select Track 1, and record instrument 1 on this track e.g. Keyboard

Select Track 1 and Record Instrument in Track 1

step 4: Select Track 2, and record instrument 2 on this track e.g. Bass Guitar

Select Track 2 and Record Instrument in Track 2

step 5: Select Track 3, and record instrument 3 on this track e.g. Electric Guitar etc.

Select Track 3 and Record Instrument in Track 3

step 6: Bounce (transfer) all recorded Tracks to 1 single Track (V-Track).  This allows you to free up other tracks in order to record additional performances

Bounce All Recorded Tracks to 1 Single Traffic

step 7: Master your music to smooth out the volume levels

Home Recording Tip–  Make sure you rest your ears before you begin to Finalize your home recording. If you don’t, it may be far more difficult for your ears to hear smooth volume levels, and you don’t want your recording levels to be uneven.

Master Your Music to Smooth Out Volume Levels

step 8: Save Music, Burn to CD, and Finalize so you can play your music through other devices e.g. Computer, CD player

Home Recording Tip–  Always Save Your Music!!!  You don’t want an unexpected power outtage to erase the great music you put your heart into recording.

Save Music Burn CD and Finalize Your Songs

step 9:  Convert CD to MP3 or Wav file format so you can distribute your music to a lot of people, and save money on CD duplication fees.  If you still aren’t confident in your home recording skills, and want to keep a low profile when you record your music, that’s ok.  Practice good recording techniques for fun until you learn to achieve the professional sounding recording quality that you want.  Believe it….You can record your own music from the comfort of your home!

Convert CD to MP3 or Wave file Format

To show you how far technology has come, you can also get Home Recording Studio Software e.g.Cakewalk and create professional quality digital music.  Now you can Record Music using your computer, and this great software.  You can also create your own music videos. There is no better windows software available for musicians taking the step into the world of digital recording.

Get Home Recording Studio Software As Alternative


Cakewalk SONAR Home Studio

Cakewalk SONAR Home Studio X (Windows)

Take control of your music now and produce music today.

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