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Attention: Indie Musicians.
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I know what it feels like to finally work up the nerve to create and share your music with others. I know that I always loved music, and had a good ear, but didn’t know where to go from there. I always loved the experience I had laying down my bass guitar, keyboard and drum tracks, and experimenting with some great R&B, Funk, and hip hop music beats , but would say to myself…I wish I could make money in the music industry somehow…I just don’t know how to sell my music…

Even though I had friends and family encourage me to keep playing my music instruments, and continue my guitar lessons, I started to realize that creating music and mp3 downloads for fun was definitely not going to pay the bills. I also realized that part of me was missing when I was not creating or listening to music.

I knew that music had to be a significant part of my life. The problem is, I desperately did NOT want to be a starving artist like my best musician friend. I finally woke up one day and said…

“Why shouldn’t I be able to use the internet as a vehicle to sell my music and make good money?

I learned that I could do it and so can you!

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