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Indie-Music Network Launches Hot New Indie Music Site!

Indie-Music Network is Pleased
to Announce the Launch of our NEW Music Website!
The Hottest and Easiest Way to Promote
Your Band or Music Related Website!

To our fellow Indie Musicians,

We want to tell you about a very exciting opportunity to promote your

band or music site in a Hot New Way. We have created a new indie

music themed website, and are offering you a chance to own a word

on our site, a word that you and nobody else can claim. You have 500

< font>indie music related words to choose from, and this will provide you

with a direct hyperlink from that word to your website for at least

the next 2 years. We expect this site to generate some serious buzz

so you want to act now before you miss out on this incredible


Here is a Snapshot of Some of the
Keywords You Can Claim Today at…

Indie 500 Music

Bluegrass Easy Listening Disc Jockey Chords Cut Up Oldies Drone
Indie Eurovision Undefinable Club Festivals Anti-Pop Alternative Metal
Paisley Underground Breakbeat Live Music BeBop Jazz Merengue
Stoner Metal Novelty Film College Radio Blog Auditions Folklore
Electronice Cover
Merchandise Russian Grebo Undetermined Kickdrum
CD Duplication
Balada Algorithmic Urban Ringtones European Jazz
Multi Instrumentalist
General Blues College Rock Art-Rock Tex Mex
Popular Alternative Neo-Glam South American Videos Guitar Synthpop
General Jazz
Holiday Arabic Gothic Metal Love Pop Shoegazing Metal
Central American
3rd Stream Swing Jazz Bass Sound Mixer Producer
Contemporary Urban
Metal Core Roots Rock Crunk Old School
Power Metal Psychogeography Songwriter Guitar Pick Songwriting
MP3 IDM Record Label Underground House Production Engineer
Party Music
Video Games Performing Phytrance Unclassified Jam Bands
Groove Rock
ChillOut German Classifieds R&B World Drum N’Bass
Oceanic Hip-Hop Neo-Psychedelia EQ Album Woodwinds Postbop
A Capella
Trip Hop Indietronica Country Samba Reggae Spoken Words
Salsa Calypso Electroacoustic Lounge R&B Cover Girl Bands
Native American
Schlager Deep House Clicks N Cuts Blues Cover
Rock N’ Folk
Riot Grrrl Amp Funky Cowpunk Gothic New Age Christian
Magazines Collage JPop Grindcore Blues Rock Instrumental Composer
Hard Rock Chamber Polka Horrorcore New-Age Brazilian Spiritual
Tone Singer Agent Canadian Indie Rock Opera Tablature Effects
Music Therapy
Anarcho-Punk Internet Radio Religious 20th Century
Acoustic Blues Blip Stomp Box Western Country Progressive Metal
Multi-Genre Keyboard Traditional Country Progressive Rock Gigs Indonesian
50s Rock Downtempo Dub Indie Pop Middle Eastern Sound Effects Disco

Don’t see a keyword you want? Suggest a word!

If You are an Indie Musician or Want to Promote
Hot Products or Services to Indie Musicians…
You Need to Reserve Your Place on Our Website.
Claim Your Word Today Before it’s Too Late!

Remember, we don’t know how long these words will be available

to you, so take advantage of this opportunity to claim your keyword
right away. Just click on the following link to get started today!

All the best,

Indie-Music Network Team

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  • Anonymous says:

    Very cool! It sounds like the pixel ads that the British guy did that was so successful! a little while back, but this makes more sense to have actual text that can be caught by the search engines.

    Great Idea Guys!

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