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Learn and Master Guitar: The Caged System Guitar Tips


Build guitar chords all over the neck using simple shapes.  This is called the Caged System or Caged Approach to thinking about how chords are formed.

Try playing an open C chord but change your fingering around so you play your “pinky” on the C, your third finger on the G, and your second finger on the C.  Now try to get your first finger free so it covers a bar and shift your form up a half step.  So now you can bar your first finger where the open strings would have been.   Now you are at a D flat chord.  You can then move your form around to an E flat in that form, an F and more by keeping that same form.

You can do the same thing on an A chord form.  You play an open A chord then do a bar version and move it up a half step up.  Bar it with your 3rd finger so you have a b flat chord.  Move it up, you have a C chord, and a D chord and so on.

Check out the video above to see this in action, and see examples of G, E, and D chord forms as well.


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