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Play With Band

Want A Band to Play With That…Can Play in All 12 Keys…Can Slow it Down, is Patient…And Will Play As Long As You Want Without Getting Tired? Discover How to Turn Your Computer Into A Practicing Machine Today!

Hey, It’s Traci here from and I’ve got something cool to tell you about.

If you want to have fun practicing your music and don’t have a live band to play with now…don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Think about this for a second…what if you could turn your computer into a complete practicing machine that can make you sound like you’re playing in the band you’ve always dreamed about?

What if you could pull a real-sounding band out
your “back pocket?” (…so to speak)

Sounds crazy but with the power of technology,
my friends over at Hearandplay are going to show
you how to finally make practicing fun,
productive, and effective.

To see their video presentation, visit this link:

(I only wish I had tools like this when I was
coming up!)

They call it “Back Pocket Band” because it
literally puts a band at your fingertips. It takes the term one man band to a whole new level!

There’s a full video demonstration you can check it out here:

Here’s what it does:

* It gives you access to over 350 real-sounding
backing tracks.

* Practice and live performance files are played
in all 12 keys.

* You can choose between multiple speeds: slow,
medium, and fast.

* 3 different sections, 9 styles of music, &
drums-only option (…they also give you lifetime
updates and they’re already working on jazz, blues,
and funk backing tracks to release very soon).

* Instant streaming playback and automatic downloading
to your system for burning to cd, transfer to ipod,
and editing.

* And much more…just visit this link for details

For a limited time, they’re making you an unbeatable
deal on everything.

Once you get your hands on this, you’ll see
why so many are excited about it.

check it out here

To your music success,

Traci Crowley

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