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Indie Music Articles: Make Your Own Beats, Produce Music, Sell Your Music Online…and More!


If you have a music site and want to add some fresh content…we’ve got some royalty free indie music articles that you can publish on your site, newsletter, or blog for free.

How Will You Benefit from Posting Our Indie Music Articles On Your Website?

You will benefit because continually adding fresh content that is related to the information on your website encourages people to keep visiting your site. The more visitors that keep coming back to your site, the more opportunity you have to expose them to your music. The more exposure you have with your music, the more sales you can achieve.

You Can Get Access to Royalty Free Indie MusicArticles at the Following Links:

1) Create Music Beats, Produce Music, Sell Your Music Online and More…Indie-Music Article #1

2) Create Indie Music– 6 Hot Tips for Creating Indie Music

3) Create Music Beats…Hot Tips for Creating Amazing Beats

4) Create Music Beats Article 2

5) Produce Your Music At Home– 4 Hot Tips

6) Producing Your Muic At Home- 5 Hot Tips

7) Produce Music 9 Steps Article

8) Sell Your Music Online– 3 Hot Tips

9) Sell Your Music Online: 6 Hot Tips… Article

10) 7 Hot Tips For Getting Signed to Record Labels

11) Make Your Own Beats

To publish the Royalty Free indie music articles with Free Reprint Rights, we just ask that you leave the article title, author name, body and resource box intact with no changes.

We will be posting additional indie music articles in the future, so please continue to check our website: make your own beats, produce music, and more for new updates and articles.

To your music success,
Traci Crowley
Indie-Music Network

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