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These New Gospel Techniques Are Amazing!

The Day is finally HERE! My friends at have just
released their latest GospelKeys X-treme course!

Click the link below to see video clips and audio samples of what the
course will teach you.

The dvd courses are already selling in record numbers so I recommend
you get to their website to check it out! Also, for a limited time, they’re
offering a BONUS disc with tons of extra footage along with loads of
SECRET techniques (…the total course is 4 discs /ALMOST a WHOPPING
9 hours!!!

Not only is it almost nine hours, but it is packed with tons of”phat” chords,
progressions, songs (like “I shall Wear a Crown,” “As the Deer,” “Oh Magnify
the Lord,”Lift Your Name onHigh”, “Holy Ground” and more), and tons of
concepts like”Ditone,” and the “Circle of Fifths (Remix)” principle that will show
you how to extend the original circle and give your playing that NEW
Jazzy/neo soul feel!

So if you’re a church musician and want to play urban and
contemporary music — or, if you’re an accomplished musician and just want
to learn more chords and concepts, I highly recommend that you check out his
course. I’ve pasted some of the most important features of the course below.

Gospel Keys X-treme will teach you…

==> How to take your urban worship playing to the next level by mastering
more complex chord movements, progressions, and contemporary patterns.

==> The secret behind the magical “Major Seventh chord on Steroids” and how
to immediately apply these “phat”contemporary chords to all your songs.

==> Discover the power of the “Ditone,” the secret sister of the well-known
“Tritone!” Hint: Using ditones on your left hand drastically improves your

You’ll learn, step-by-step, how to do this!

==> How to apply the “half note INSTANT phatness trick” to most of the chord
progressions you already know! Learn how to make all your chords sound full
(aka “phat”) in no time.

==> The ultimate remix to the circle of fifths and how to use it to contemporize
all of your favorite songs.

==> The urban and contemporary way to play the famous “2-5-1″progression
and how your playing will never be the same by knowing these new chords!

==> How to substitute certain chords for others (like the “1” and”6″) to produce
the alternative patterns that are found in all contemporary music!

==> How to manipulate the
flatted seventh to create the ultimate contemporary sound!
You can’t afford to miss this technique.

==> Learn what neo-soul clusters are and how to incorporate them into your
daily piano playing!

==> Jazz soloing demonstrations and what it takes to add these solos to “dry”
parts of your worship songs.

==> The power of neo-soul chord movements and how gospel is moving in this
direction (…don’t get left behind, musically)!

==> The key to using “grace notes” as fill-ins between your chord movements.

The grace note is one of the core concepts of contemporary playing!

You’ll learn, step-by-step, how to use”grace notes” to your advantage!
The secret to playing Rhodes on the keyboard!…. and much much more!

Click the link below to find out more:

Wow, I know that’s a lot. Hear and Play Music is very serious about their
piano teaching and giving the students what they need!

So, if you’re really serious about taking your piano playing to the next level
and adapting a crisp and professional as well, you owe it to yourself to take
them up on this incredible deal. Just in case, check out their other resources
website by clicking the link below.

All the best,
Indie-Music Network Team

P.S. – You might find more interesting information, techniques, or resources
just by clicking around on their website..

P.P.S- Please also visit our site:
The Independent Musicians source for creating, producing, and selling music
from the comfort of your home

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