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"Secrets To Playing Piano By Ear"

make your own the piano by ear

From: Jermaine Griggs
Tuesday, 11:54 AM

Dear Friend,

I personally think there’s a huge problem out there for musicians who want to play piano (or any instrument, for that matter) by ear….And I’m guessing that you’re reading this page because you, too, have faced the same problems that I’ll talk about soon.

Jermaine Griggs of Hear & Play

Now… It’s not that there isn’t help out there…

There’s just not much help for musicians who want to play outside of traditional “sight reading” or classical methods you’ve probably come across.I’m talking about help for “ear” musicians.Musicians who want to:

  • Play piano without having to rely solely on sheet music or chord symbols (more on this later).
  • Be able to hum a tune, then immediately play it on the piano in a few minutes.
  • Be able to hear something on the radio or on a favorite album and immediately understand what’s happening in the song without being at a piano.
  • Sit down at the piano and play exactly what they feel… entertain guests and simply enjoy music.
  • Play in a band with other musicians who play by ear and be able to follow along and improvise when the time is right.
  • Play at church, accompany quartets or singing groups, and perform at special occasions without any fear or hesitation.
  • Learn music at a comfortable pace without being forced to pay a teacher $30-$50 or more per hour.

Basically, all the things you can’t go to most traditional teachers, institutions, and colleges to learn. And if you can, you’d better be ready to audition or pay hefty fees….And I realized this dilemma back in 1999 when I first started Hear and Play Music. A year later, I launched online and my journey began to help people learn music by ear.

[blockquote cite=”Jermaine Griggs” float=”no-float” align=”left”]”I had no idea how many people were really struggling to play piano by ear”[/blockquote]

Within months of starting, musicians from all around the world were e-mailing me request after request to teach them this song… and that song. This chord and that chord — chord changes, progressions, hymns, music theory, ear-training, gospel music, jazz standards, blues, licks & tricks, ~~~~~~ (the list goes on and on).

So……If any of this sounds familiar, the good news is that you’re not alone.

If you’re like most of my students, you’re struggling to pick out melodies, chords, chord progressions, and patterns in songs. Heck, if you’re just getting started, you probably don’t even know what chords and progressions are!  If you’ve gone further and started to teach yourself, perhaps you’re at a roadblock and really trying to put all this stuff together.

How scales relate to chords… and chords to progressions… and how to find the keys songs are being played in, how to recognize patterns in songs, (just to give a few examples).

Maybe you’re reading self-help books and have bought every training manual or “how-to” video — or have even taken personal music lessons — but have been disappointed with the results.

[blockquote cite=”Jermaine Griggs” float=”no-float” align=”left”]To be quite frank…Learning piano is not an overnight thing. It requires commitment, drive, and discipline. Even pros practice daily and are constantly learning new things. Great musicians never think in terms of a “destination.” It’s always a “journey”.[/blockquote]

There’s always new things to learn…. New genres. New techniques and styles. Unfamiliar theory and alternative ways to approach music. Other things to explore. And just simply improving upon what you already know.

So with that said… if you think I’m just going to teach you some magical chords and you’re going to play every song you’ve ever wanted to by tomorrow, then stop reading this page. I’d hate to waste your time.

But if you’re willing to put in some time and practice, I can guarantee that in very little time (compared to years and years of training, lessons, and school), you’ll be playing the piano by ear and even picking up songs on the radio.

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