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Important Tips to Consider Before Purchasing A Guitar

buying a guitar

It may be time for you to get a new or used guitar.  That can be a very exciting time but it can also lead to some confusion because there are so many different options to choose from.

No matter what you choose there are some tips you should follow before you buy your guitar.

1) Do your Homework

You’ll want to know such things as the features of the instrument and the value, so you make sure you aren’t pressured into getting something you don’t really want and get a fair deal.

2) Make Sure the Truss Rod Works

If you get a used instrument it may not have a warranty.  If your Truss Rod doesn’t work right and you need  adjust the neck down the road this can be an expensive repair job.

3) Check Every Note on Every Fret

Every note should play on your guitar, if it doesn’t or buzzes, you probably won’t get a good setup

4) Check All Electronics

Check ALL Electronics e.g. Pots, Switches, Pickups, Volume knob, Jack etc. to make sure everything works properly BEFORE you take your guitar home

5) Get the Guitar Setup Properly

The guitar should be setup in the store BEFORE you leave the store, and the strings should be new or fairly new.  This should be standard and you shouldn’t have to pay any more money for this service if you are dealing with a reputable seller.

6) Consider Pre-Owned Guitars

Although you may not get a warranty, their are advantages to buying pre-owned guitars.  If you are getting a used acoustic guitar for example,the sound board has been driven and will have a better sound than one that is brand new.  Also the value may increase over time if you purchase a great legacy brand, like Gibson.  Value can  increase in other types of guitars like electric basses as well.  We had first hand experience with one of our Fender P basses…which sold for almost 3x’s the amount we paid for it initially.  You’ll of course want to keep your guitar in condition if you do choose to pass it on to other family members or sell it for top dollar.

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