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How to Get Your Moneys Worth At Every Recording Session

Here are some tips to help musicians and engineers get the most out of  every recording session.

Be prepared and on time

Recording sessions can be expensive so it’s important that you value your time and the time of the recording engineer so you can get the most out of your session time.  Also, make sure you have your guitar tuned with the new strings so you don’t waste time on preparations that can be done in advance.

Rehearse your  material as you want it recorded

If you rehearse your material in advance (e.g. record with headphones as you would in your session).  Again, you’ll get the most out of your time and get more work done than you anticipated, giving you better value during your session time.

Make it clear what you want in the session

You nee to be very clear on what your project expectations are in advance e.g. do you want the session finalized or just a rough mix etc.

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