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Sell Music T-Shirts On Facebook Part 2

In our previous post, we told you about a software tool that can help you get extra
money to fund your other music projects, by selling Music T-Shirts on Teespring
using Facebook ads

In this post we want to answer some questions that many people have had about the
software that helps you sell your music t-shirt designs on Teespring using Facebook ads.

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This is what the software does:

1) Helps you select profitable Niches you can advertise to on Facebook.
There are some very profitable niches in music that you can leverage today.

2) Helps you generate new designs by tweaking existing music related designs already
out there that have proven to sell. The tool also helps you create the design image and
launch them on Teespring so they are ready for your Facebook Ads
(no worries, you don’t need to have design experience, the software has you covered).

3) Shows you how to generate traffic on facebook by running targeted ads, so you can
drive targeted traffic to your Teespring music campaigns.

4) Helps you prepare successful campaigns so you don’t have to waste a bunch of money
on failed Facebook campaigns. You’ll learn how to test and expand the winning
music t-shirt
designs so you can increase your profits, and have more money
available to promote your other music projects.

You’ll receive access to the following software as well as 8 hours of training
videos and bonuses:

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A) Tee Searcher– You can search Amazon, Ebay, Facebook, Zazzle etc. for music
related (or non music related) shirts that are selling now and the number of sales
from each design.

B) Idea Maker– Enter keywords, choose categories, and font and you’ll get some
great text options to put on the music shirts you’re selling.

C) Auto Designer– Choose Styles (fonts, backgrounds, you can even upload your
own images), Enter Slogan and see the output created on a T-shirt.

D) Auto Model– Upload your design, select images, then choose from 8 models for
your shirt design. You can select from 10 backgrounds and create model images.

You can get the software now at the link below if you want to
sell music t-shirts to get extra money to fund your other music projects.

To your music success,
P.S. Please note that the discount is only available until the timer hits zero
at the page below.

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