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Don’t Get Caught Without Music Instrument Insurance

You may have had a fantastic gig and are all geared up (pun intended) to go to your next show.  You sit your guitar down for what seemed like a split second,  then the unthinkable happens…you go to pick up your guitar and it’s long gone. Even worse, your van with all your gear was stolen and now your band could be out tens of thousands of dollars from equipment lost and cancelled shows.

This can be a horrifying experience you won’t want to ever deal with, but unfortunately it happens to many musicians.

To bounce back from this nightmare, you could create a
crowdfunding campaign, ask for donations on your band website, and/or get insurance for your instruments.  You’ll of course need to get the insurance coverage BEFORE any theft happens, but there is an important thing you need to know.

If your insurance adjuster finds out you use the instruments professionally, your claim will likely get denied.  For example, renter’s insurance covers your possessions (including instruments) in your home, but if you are a professional musician, this may preclude you from getting coverage on your instruments.  This is an exception to many policies that you probably were not made aware of beforehand.

If you want to make sure this doesn’t happen to you or anyone in your band, you should consider getting music instrument insurance. Many musicians have had success with these options:, and…so consider checking them out.







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