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IMN Featured Artist: Art Flesh Gordon

Hi Fellow Indie-Musicians, check out our new featured artist…Art Flesh Gordon.

Art Flesh Gordon is a multi-talented artist.  Not only is he an accomplished Guitarist, Singer and Songwriter, but he is a film music composer too.

His music blends rock, goth, and glam to create an electrifying yet familiar sound that will leave you wanting to hear more. The high energy driving sound gets you hooked fast and ready to come along for the ride.

Check out how Art Flesh Gordon describes his music…

“My music is hot cutting edge sexy passionate catchy soul gripping spell binding and you’ll totally love it.”

Listening to Art Flesh Gordon made us want to learn more about this talented artist, and found it interesting to learn how Art got his start in his music journey.

Art was born in New York, and raised in New Jersey by deaf parents and began singing and playing guitar at an early age.  He was influenced by David Bowie, Jeff Beck, Billy Idol, Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin.  He is a film composer whose music has already been included in ten indie films, and his songs have also been featured in an MTV series, ESPN, and Margolis radio.

Not only has Art demonstrated great ambition in the songs he has already created, like Dark Visions, but he has been working towards his aspirations to become a sought after film composer and sound designer.

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