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Create Indie Music- Six Hot Tips for Creating Indie Music at Home

Create Indie Music-Six Hot Tips for Creating Indie Music at Home

Did you ever study creative writing in English class? When you started your creative writing process you initially may have thought…I don’t know what I’m going to write about, I’m suppose to just write something without spending time thinking about what I’m writing about? Chances are, you could have been thinking this, but before you knew it, you captured 2+ great pages of a great story or experience you had before you even stopped writing once. You can apply this same concept when creating indie music from the comfort of your home.

1) Create music extemporaneously.

Whether you try to compose a song on the piano, guitar, or drums etc. playing extemporaneously can really unleash your creativity, and help you compose music that you may not have even believed you were capable of creating. When you create your indie music, unleash your creativity without thinking about it. Don’t think about every note or scale you’re playing, JUST PLAY to create music that is truly unique, and set your music and talents apart from others.

2) Don’t over think when you are creating your music.

The great thing is your music creations will come together must faster if you don’t think too hard about what you’re playing and how it’s sounding. Create your music, and there will be time later to refine what you create.

3) Create indie music that is not overly mechanical and contrived.

To make sure your music sounds real and is a reflection of your creativity, again…JUST PLAY your music by expressing what is inside of you…your rhythm, your creativity etc. The best way to unleash this is to do it naturally, when you’re relaxed, not over critical of every note you’re playing.

4) Create your music in an environment that fosters your creativity.

Like any artist, you want to create your masterpiece in an environment where you feel comfortable and relaxed. Whether that’s your home recording studio, basement or patio etc. make sure you’re in a stress free environment, so your talents can really shine when you’re creating your music.

5) Just play your music like you don’t have a care in the world.

As you do that, you will probably start playing a cool new lick and groove that you were surprised you could create yourself. Remember, your first instinct in expressing yourself through your own music creation, is probably your best instinct.

6) Record your music.

An important not is that you should capture the great new music you create so you can share your creativity with others. Record your music, but try to forget that you’re recording so you can relax and play what comes through your heart and soul.

Unleash your creativity, and don’t over think what you’re doing when you’re creating your indie music, and chances are you’ll be extremely pleased with your results.

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