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Make Money Selling Music Tickets On Your Website

Ticket sales in the music industry aren’t just limited to festivals or large concerts. There are several other types of events where you can collect ticket fees to help supplement an artists income, while connecting with your fans.

Here are some more ways to leverage ticket sales to increase your bottom line.

1) Gigs- You can sell tickets for your gigs right from your website.  Try offering discounts to those who buy from your site and remove processing fees as an added bonus

2) Ticket Bundles- You can increase your price online to cover admission+ a band T-shirt or CD.  This provides good value for fans and they would likely be very happy to receive something cool when they come to your gig.

3) Benefits and Fundraisers- Making money for your band is fantastic, making money for otherd is even better. You can perform for free at benefit events such as MS or Cancer walks, or Diabetes Awareness walks. You sell sell tickets to the event on your website, where all proceeds go to the charitable organization. This is not only great for organizations, but it helps your fans know more about you and what drives some of your passions.

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