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ChristmasKeys: How to Play Popular Christmas Songs Within 27 Minutes!

Dear Music Lover,

I’m so excited to be writing you about a new resource that will help you play ALL your favorite Christmas songs by ear.

As you know, this is the season of SMILES, WARMTH, and TOGETHERNESS, and when I find something that can bring ALL of those together in one, I just have to let my friends know!

The Christmas season, personally my favorite season of the whole year, is FINALLY here. AND… Courtesy of Jermaine and HearandPlay, I have a PERFECT gift idea that YOU or one of your relatives would LOVE to see under the tree (…or better yet, on top of their piano 🙂

My good friend Jermaine Griggs over at HearandPlay is at it AGAIN! Recently, he let me know about his brand new 3-HOUR Christmas course, Christmas Keys Vol. 1 – “Conquering Christmas Classics”, release date (Thurs., Dec. 1st, 2005)……In this UNIQUE course, he covers a NEW and INNOVATIVE way to play ALL those Christmas classics all of us love (you know… the ones that make us feel all warm inside).

In this course, you’ll be able to impress your family and friends during this holiday season by mastering Christmas classics like Silent Night, First Noel, Go Tell It On The Mountain, and more!

After he takes you through his UNIQUE song learning process, you’ll not ONLY know how to conquer those songs but VIRTUALLY any Christmas song out there (because almost ALL Christmas songs follow the same basic patterns as you’ll see)!

In CK1:

*Learn several variations of each song so you never have to play these Christmas classics the same way every time!*Discover the power of “inversions” and how changing one note in your chord can totally alter the way a progression sounds!

*Beginners: How to play an entire song with only three-fingered major chords (…also known as “major triads”).

*How to add fuel to your bass by understanding how “power” chords work in holiday music…



*How to use split chords (e.g. – “Cmaj / Eb or Fmin / D) and superimposed voicings to add spice to a chord progression!

*The power of altered chords like “Db13#11,” “C7#9#5,” “Abmin7b5,” “Bb9#5,” “G7#5,” and how they totally change the feel of a song!*How to easily substitute 4 and 5-fingered chord like min7, dom9, maj11, and dim7 for basic triad chords to add depth to your playing!

*How to utilize the strength and pull of 2-5-1, 7-3-6, and 1-4 chord progressions in holiday songs like Silent Night, The First Noel, O Come All Ye Faithful, and more!*How to play “Go Tell It On The Mountain” in a churchy praise style! I’m talking about bass lines, runs, fill-ins, and more (…similar to GospelKeysTM 300 and GospelKeysTM 500)!

*From beginning to end: How to play every song, step-by-step, with no guessing (whatsoever) or any information left out!

By the end of this course, you’ll have what it takes to fully play all of these Christmas songs by ear… guaranteed!


REMEMBER that the EARLIER you get this Christmas Keys course, the FASTER you’ll be able to PLAY all your favorites for your family and friends.

ACT NOW and Get A Free Bonus: An exclusive “Sneak Peak” of what you are going to learn in ChristmasKeys Volume 1.

Get Your Free 23-minute Interview at:
You really don’t want to miss out on this INCREDIBLE offer. I’ve known Jermaine and the Hear and Play family for a while now, and I must say they really took it above and beyond with this one…

Go to:
to reserve your copy of this special product today…

You will be VERY pleased!

Again, go to:

All the best,
Indie-Music Network Team

P.S. – You will find more interesting information, techniques, or resources just by clicking around on Jermaine’s website..

P.P.S.- To get Hot Tips and Tricks for Creating, Producing, and Selling Your Music from the Comfort of Your Home… Please visit our site: and subscribe to our free Newsletter! Also, remember to have fun as you Play Christmas Songs on the Piano Today!

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