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Hear and Play: Song Tutor Demo-Learn How to Play Your Favorite Songs Fast!

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Hey,  you may have heard about the Song tutor software that helps teach you virtually everything you wanted to know about playing music… from exact notes to a song, to learning your favorite song in all 12 keys.

Check out the video above to see an example of how this cool software works.

The video shows Jermaine from Hear and Play finding the “Autumn Leaves” midi file on Google, loads the file into Song tutor, then you can see the software playing all the notes for you.  What’s especially cool is you can slow the playback down all the way down to 90% “turtle speed” if you want, so you make sure you can learn every single note of the song, so you can learn how to play it yourself.

You’ll see an example of the single step mode in action so you can break things down to see specific chords so you can take note of them.  This is great for learning how to play solos in songs you thought may have been too difficult to learn.

You’ll also see the loop mode demonstrated which you can see a segment of a song repeated.  You can slow it down, and even change the key!!!

Song tutor is a fantastic learning tool and we highly recommend that you check it out right now and get your copy now at the introductory rate before the price goes up.

Click Here to Buy Song Tutor Now!

To your music success,

Traci Crowley

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