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Metal Central TV Seeking Video Clips to License for Global TV Shows and Audio Tracks

Metal Central TV features the best international metal and rock acts from around the globe. We have documentaries, tour videos, live concerts from the global independent music scene and of course some of the finest music from your favourite rock and metal acts.

The show is centred on giving independent labels and emerging artist all around the world an opportunity to boost their music career and exhibit their art for global exposure. Artist would have the opportunity to showcase their art through their network channel and gain exposure as well as royalties for their videos and audio tracks that plays on Metal Central TV.

Please make sure that you control all rights including the publishing rights. If selected, you will receive a proposal for the license of your video content, and a detailed proposal on their license services.

How to send your submission in.

1) Click here to sign up with our partner Music Gorilla

2) Send a message to in**@mu**********.com and let them know you came from Indie Music Network to receive free credits (25 credits valued at $25)

3) Submit here by July 14, 2016

To your music success,
Traci Crowley

P.S. Click here more information on receiving your credits at no cost

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