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Learn and Master Guitar: Nashville Guitar wth Guthrie Trapp


Check out the video above to see some great Nashville Guitar tips from Guthrie Trapp. Guthrie is Nashville’s busiest and most versatile performers, session musicians & solo artist. He also recorded a lot of the soundtrack you hear on a popular TV show called Nashville.

In the video you’ll get to hear Guthrie’s answers to some great questions many students have had about how he obtains his great sound…from his Guitar choice to his guitar pickups.

He gives some great technique advice on how to get the sound you want out of your instrument. For example he uses the round side of his pick to pull the tone out of his notes more.  He also talks about how he integrates effects pedals successfully into his guitar playing.  For example he talks about setting up us his overdrive and volume to fatten up his playing.

Guthrie discusses the importance of knowing what chords you have to work with but then only using two or three notes from that chord for great sound you can get when playing over your chords.

There are other great tips in the video to help you enhance your guitar playing…just check it out.

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