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How To Read Guitar Chord Charts

If you are a beginner and checked out the last rhythm guitar video we posted, its possible that you may have wanted more help finding chords (like the E minor 7) before you move forward as you work on mastering the guitar. Before you try to play different guitar chords we thought we should provide you with some information on reading chord charts.  Having this foundation can really serve you well as you try playing different chords and riffs in the future.

Check out the video above to learn how to read guitar chord charts step by step.

You’ll get a clear understanding of where the frets and strings are on the chord chart and how that corresponds to your guitar. You’ll learn where the 6th through 1st string are, and where to place each finger on your guitar strings. You’ll learn what fret you’re supposed to start playing at, and you’ll also learn when you’re not supposed to play specific notes.

Once you get a good handle on reading chord charts, you can be better positioned to reach your guitar playing goals faster.

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