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Liberty Music Store: Selling Indie Music for Bitcoin Made Easy

If you are an indie musician, chances are you have heard that there are a  lot of companies claiming they are your best, and most economical venue for selling your music.  Sure, there are some good options out there, but  it can be challenging sifting through all of the choices. Here’s a resource that you should take a closer look at. It allows you to sell your music off of your own website…

Liberty Music Store (designed by owner Mikko Ohtamaa) utlizes a virtual currency called Bitcoin, to make it easy for an artist to sell their own music, on their own website and accept Bitcoin.  Although registration is private for now, they are looking for artists to test out their system.

What’s great is artists will actually get the entire payment (unlike iTunes where artists are lucky to get 10% of the songs purchase price).  Bitcoin and Liberty Music Store is designed to help artists level the playing field. One additional benefit of Liberty Music store is there are no minimums, so you can charge $.25 per song if you want.  Also, there are no sign ups, credit card numbers etc. and the process appears to be pretty seamless.

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