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Indie-MusicNetwork Featured Artist: Eric Hansen

eric hansen

Artist BIO:

Eric is a very talented artist who does it all.  He is a singer, songwriter, vocal coach, music director and producer.  His songs find a place in peoples lives and is inspirational to many fans around the world.
Eric Hansen was born October 6th 1956 in St. James Hospital in Chicago Heights Illinois and now lives in Tucson, AZ.

Eric began making up tunes on the piano at a very young age.  He picked up his first guitar at the age of 9 because he wanted to be cool like his cousin Rick, but his guitar playing endured.

He went to Chicago Musical College and discovered the theatre department which began a 17 year career in the theatre in Chicago and New York.

In 1994 he decided to focus solely on his first love; playing guitar, writing songs and singing. He traveled the country playing music wherever people would listen for many years. Eric is now a professional singer/songwriter, and has been able to successfully sing despite challenges with a lung disease, and is currently musical director of the Sonoran Center for Spiritual Living.  He teaches voice and occasionally plays locally.

Eric is living his dream every day by making a living with his guitar, voice and his songs. He gets the opportunity to inspire and lift the human spirit through his work, and gets to help people find their singing voices and watch their dreams come to true.

He is inspired by people who are good at what they do and those that help disadvantaged and abused children.

[accordion title=”Eric Hansen Discography” id=”id-here”]

1997 Lucky:* Check out Track 1 “Scrub A Dub” and Track 4 “Big Bodied Woman”
2000 Real Slow:
2002 Hero In The Dark
2002 Nobody Knows…. music for kids of all ages, shapes & sizes
2004 A Lover’s Lullaby: Make sure you check out Track 1 “The Holy Man
2007 My Medicine

To your music success,

Traci Crowley

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