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Attention Musicians:

This is your chance to test your own affiliate program RISK FREE for 90 days — and make a lot of extra money from your music sales with FREE advertising!

Setting up your own affiliate program to sell your music can be a great way to reach hundreds of motivated affiliate partners that will work day and night to promote your music product or service—with no risk to you–because it is a true “win-win” partnership.

When your affiliate partners send you a paying customer to purchase your music, you pay them a commission. If they don’t send you any customers, it doesn’t cost you a dime!

This gives you an opportunity to Advertise Your Business All Over the Internet–For FREE!

You can get your name, music products, and website on sites both big and small across the Internet, and get hundreds and even thousands of your affiliates personally recommending YOUR music products and services to their subscribers and partners!

There are two BIG myths that hold back “regular” musicians from starting an Affiliate Program.

Myth #1: Starting an affiliate program is Hard! (Maybe you’ve talked to someone who tried to build their own affiliate program and only ran into problems…Or maybe you’ve heard stories about how it takes forever to get an affiliate program working on your site).

Myth #2: Starting an affiliate program is EXPENSIVE! (You may have looked around already at some of the more popular affiliate management solutions out there only to discover they charge thousands just to get started).

You’ll learn that if you are using the right tools, it is NOT rocket science. Click the link below to learn about an amazing affiliate management solution that can help you multiply your music sales as early as today!

All the best,

Indie-Music Network Team

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