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Learn How to Use Bonus Tracks to Sell More Albums

As you know there are different ways that you can make money in the music business.  For example, you can sell your digital music downloads (e.g. iTunes, Cd Baby, Spotify) and can distribute albums to many platforms at once using a digital distributor like CD Baby.  Sure you can get your music out there using those methods, but there may be a better way to increase your music sales…Exclusivity.

Instead of just streaming music to make it available for purchase, you can offer something unique that is only available in the album release version you are selling.  This way your potential customers will have incentive to actually purchase your music..instead of streaming it for free.

Here are a few examples of how you can differentiate your album version from streaming  services with Bonus Tracks…

1) Offer remixes

2) Live performances available only on albums

3) Unreleased versions of your songs e.g. acoustic version

The path to music success can vary greatly between musicians, but one thing is constant.  It’s a good idea to diversify and keep yourself open to other opportunities that can help you increase your music sales.

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