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Secrets to their Playing -Jairus Mozee Part 4 (Tutorial)

In the video above, Curtis Flow demonstrates how to grow as an artist.  He studied a great electric guitar player, Jairus Mozee, and applied his lessons so he can also learn to play like a pro.  Not only has Curtis applied what he learned, but he was nice enough to share a tutorial with other musicians, and welcome feedback.  This is a prime example of how to grow as an artist, as opposed to stagnating with your music.

Curtis communicated that creating his video gave him a new-found respect for those who make tutorial videos because of all that could go wrong while recording. The good news is he took action despite any challenges he may have had, and his tutorial is now helping many guitar players who are also trying to develop their skills.

Whatever your guitar playing goals are, there is one thing that is important to do if you want to get better… you need to practice regularly.  Don’t expect to just snap your fingers and play like a pro. Learn from Curtis’s example.  Put in the effort and you too can take your guitar playing to new levels.

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