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Jairus Mozee Guitar Training- Play Amazing Grace On The Guitar and More With Soul!

As a musician it is very important to get your fundamentals down first and foremost as it can help open other doors to you in your music career.  Many people know the basics to playing guitar, but when you hear others mention fantastic guitar players, there is one name that you may not hear mentioned…Jairus Mozee.

Jairus has played guitar for some world-class artists like Prince, Janet Jackson, Lalah Hathaway, Faith Evans, Lil Wayne, and Robin Thicke. What sets him apart from other musicians is he also wrote songs with Anthony Hamilton, Jill Scott, and Kendrick Lamar and is a Grammy Nominated producer too.

He developed some amazing guitar technique, knowledge, and creativity and has learned to leverage his guitar skills and knowledge to successfully play different genres of music e.g. R&B, Soul, Jazz, Rap, and Gospel (In the short clip above you’ll hear Jairus show some of his Gospel chops when he plays Amazing Grace).

If you are able to get your guitar fundamentals down e.g. recognizing guitar patterns, really develop your technique, knowledge, creativity, and be open to learning like Jairus, you may see many more opportunities in your music career as well.

You can get some great tips for playing guitar from Jairus at the button below.

To your music success,

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