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Hear and Play: How to Learn Songs Easier and Faster with the New “Song Tutor” Software!


If you had a song tutor right with you at your keyboard that could teach you virtually everything you wanted to know about music… from exact notes to a song, to your favorite song in all 12 keys…would you want to work with that tutor now?

You may want to work with that tutor right now to learn how to play your favorite songs but may think there is a catch.

You’ll be happy to know that you won’t need to hire an expensive tutor for private lessons, you’ll get the training you need from a revolutionary new music software and…

“If you can find it on Google, I can teach it to you!”

That is your only “limit” that you can find the song you want to learn online.  Considering there are “Tens of millions of songs that appear on Google and other search engines” this really isn’t much of a limitation at all.

Song Tutor” is a brand new internet powered song learning software (pc and mac compatible) that will play songs for you.  With a click of a button, songs will play for you with notes lighting up right before your eyes.

  • You’ll have the ability to slow down the notes or speed them up.
  • You can even use the “Single Step” mode to go through each chord one by one.
  • Use “Loop Mode” to repeat key parts that you want to focus on!
  • Split feature shows left hand in one color, right hand in another color
  • Change the key of the song so you can learn the songs you want at your own pace in any key you want to!
  • Support for up to 16 tracks (mute, solo, and show individual tracks on virtual piano).
  • Browser mode allows you to conveniently search the net for files that can be instantly played in Song Tutor!
  • Open files and folders from your computer
  • Share and access files from other users around the world!

It’s really helpful for learning because you’ll be able to repeat  songs as many times as you want without time constraints so you can really get them down pat.

One thing we also like is you can increase the size of the notes so there is no mistaking which note you’re actually supposed to be playing in the song.

You’ll get gospel, jazz, salsa, and latin midi files included with the software (you get 64 lesson files), and you can add your own too.

One feature we really like is the the software supports 16 tracks so you can add other instruments to your virtual keyboard too.

You can hear the other instruments, including solos, or mute them…it’s up to you because you have full control!

You may be thinking this will cost you a lot of money to get all these cool features, but not at all.  In fact, our friend Jermaine at Hear and Play thought about offering subscriptions to this service, but decided against this and is not charging an annual renewal fee either so this software could be affordable to EVERYONE.

This way you can reach your music goals faster!

For a limited time you can get this revolutionary software at the introductory rate of $47!

Click here to get Song Tutor Today!

To your music success,

Traci Crowley

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