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Hear and Play: Special Bonus Offer on All Products

We’ve been a big supporter of our friends at Hear and Play for many years. They create great products to help you play music by ear, whether you’re playing the piano, keyboards, drums, or guitar…they’ve got you covered.

They’ve got a great selection of products to help you learn how to play your favorite songs by ear and have thrown in some great bonuses to help make this an easy decision for you to get started today.


For a limited time, purchases made will come with 3 Free “Monthly Music Mentor”courses (Monthly Music Mentor program is aimed at teaching you everything you need to know to play piano in the quickest and easiest way possible with step-by-step instructions to take you through the process of playing by ear).

The three courses you’ll receive are:
1) “Piano By Ear For Starters” 2-hour course
2) “How To Find The Key To Any Song” 80-minute course, and
3) The first Monthly Music Mentor introductory CD (80-minute “Getting Started” program).

All of this is worth $79.95 but yours free as a bonus today.

Order now, and you’ll receive a one-month FREE subscription to the Monthly Music Mentor program too. You can cancel the Monthly Music Mentor program at any time and can still keep the three free courses either way.

Click this link to get the Hear and Play Special Offer “Yes, I Want to Play Piano By Ear and Get the Hear and Play Special Offer Today!

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