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Mastermind Session: Producer vs. Beat Maker Pt. 1 – The Music Business (Hip Hop, Rap, R&B, Pop)

In the video above, Music Producer ReaperKussion (Hip Hop, Rap, R&B, Pop) discusses the difference between a music producer and a beat maker.   He explains how a beatmaker does precisely that…they make beats, while a music producer could be a beat maker or they can instruct others how to make beats.  Many times producers do instrumentals, beats, and compositions but that’s not a requirement.

A producer is invested into the tracks they are producing and making the overall product sound as tight as possible.  They have more responsibility than beat makers and may need to manage budgets that a label provides to them to complete a track or album.  If the producer has to bring in sound engineers or songwriters etc. they’ll have to account for their expenses in the overall budget provided to them by a record label.  Since producers are invested in the project and its success they are often involved in many aspects of development of track or album, including sound engineering.  In fact, you’ll find that many producers have a background in sound engineering.  If they don’t, they know where to find a good engineer who delivers what they’re looking for.

Although a beat maker puts their skills and creativity into creating a track, the end game is often for them to sell, license, or lease that track (exclusive or non exclusive) and move on to creating others.

Regardless of your experience level, your work ethic and mentality as a producer is very important.  If you are in the game just to mess around and get famous, don’t be surprised when big name producers artists or labels don’t give you the time of day.  You’re running a business and treat it as that.  You’re reputation is at stake so be professional and dedicated if you want to be a successful producer.


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