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10 Ways to Make Money from One Song

If you want to make a good living in the music industry, it’s important that you find multiple ways to keep your listeners happy while generating revenue from your music.

Here are ways you can turn one song into many revenue streams

1) Remix your song and remove the lyrics and now you can license the instrumental version of your song to film and TV.
2) Re-record your song live and release that version as a live single
3) Re-record your song acoustically and sell it as an unplugged version
4) Remix your song with a guest DJ and now it can be an electronic dance version
5) If you can sing in another language you can release your song in new markets
6) If you film yourself when writing and recording the song, it can be a part of your “making of” video
7) You can transcribe your music into printed form, you can sell it as sheet music
8) Keep your broken skins, picks, and drumsticks during the recording of the song you can sell these items as collectors’ items
9) Take lyrics from your song and place them on merchandise like t-shirts, and hats
10) Compile items listed above into a nice box set and it can be sold as a limited box set to your fans

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