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How to Sell More Band Merchandise in 2015

Managing merchandise sales isn’t very exciting for many people, but it’s a great way to increase your music sales.  Here are some ways to sell more band merchandise online and at shows

1)  Make sure your signage is large and clear at your show–  It should be clear what you’re selling and how much it costs.  Setting that expectation in advance will give you time to discuss other interesting things about your music

2)  Have someone manage your merchandise table while you’re performing– Many people like to avoid standing in long lines so have someone you trust manage your merchandise sales at your table while you are away playing your show.

3)  Accept credit cards at your shows–  Many people don’t carry cash nowadays so make it convenient for them to purchase with a debit or credit card so you don’t lose out on sales.

4)  Encourage fans to sign up for your email list– Have an email sign up sheet at your merchandise table, or provide another way and incentive for people to sign up for your mailing list at your show or afterwards.

5)  Sell band merchandise from the stage–  You’ve got a captive audience at your shows.   When you’re on the mic, describe what you’re selling and tell where to buy it. Don’t wait until the end of your set to tell them what you’re selling.  Plan the seed early, then reinforce your message at the end of your set.

6)  Provide Special Offers– You can try offering your fans a discount for buying more than once CD, or offer a special limited edition single or T-shirt.  Also, you can can provide a free gift to everyone who stops by the merchandise table.  A raffle or contest is a great way to get people to your merchandise table

7)  Sell something new for every big tour–  You  may have fans that travel around to check out alot of your shows.  Have something new to keep them interesting in your band and music


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