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Featured Artist: Andrew N Project- Hypnotized By Chronos

Hey Indie-Musicians,

Check out our featured indie music artist  Andrew N Project.  He was featured on our IMN site
several years ago and we are highlighting him again in part because of his amazing talent (music composing & playing
several instruments to engineering his own music) but also because he has a drive to realize his
creative potential.

Andrew N Project took the initiative to re-introduce himself to IMN and explain why he should be featured on our site.

Andrew left an impression and set a good example about how you should NEVER give up on your music dreams.

If you want to reach your music goals, you must take some calculated risks to achieve them and
stay committed to reaching your desired music outcome.

Please support our fellow music artist…

“Andrew N Project” 

Hello, everybody! I am Andrew Negoustorov – “one-man band” musician from Russia.
My artistic name is Andrew N Project. I prefer to work in the genre of Instrumental Rock.
Why instrumental? It gives me the opportunity of more free treatment either tunes or forms –
just continuous development of theme without compulsory repetitions. And besides that
I like some andrew-negoustorov_artistic-name-andrew-n-project_one-man-bandexperiments with musical texture.

More simply – instrumental music provides much greater freedom of expression, especially
since you tend to be inspired by abstract ideas.

Also sometimes I make some deviation from the main genre in favor of pseudo-classical style
however it does not apply to the represented piece.
I can add that the main motive of making music for me is the need to realize the creative potential.
And my motto is “Do It Yourself!”

Here are a couple of lines about my composition called “Hypnotized By Chronos”…
Once – when I was a boy – I read the story about ancient Greek philosopher (unfortunately I don’t remember his name)
who could watch the movement of clock hands during a whole day trying to understand the nature of time.

This short story made such a great impression so I remembered it for all of my life, and one fine day – much later –
I asked myself:  why not write the music on this theme if I’m so keen on this idea?

The great concentration of the ancient sage seemed to be similar to hypnosis so the name of the piece was born easily.

In short form the idea of composition may be represented as: “Chronos The Lord Of Time. This is about the insidious nature of time”.

Hypnotized By Chronos” is not the main piece of the album called “The Last Bastion” which is currently in progress, but it seems to me this composition
has enough bright flourish to be presented to your attention.


To your music success,
Traci Crowley

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