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Hear and Play: Song Tutor-Check Out This Amazing Song Learning Software!

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]You may have seen our previous post about Song tutor.

The World’s first internet-powered song learning software.

It’s really simple to use…

1)  Find songs on the internet

2) Open songs into the built-in browser or import files

3) Learn your favorite songs as notes light up in slow motion

Within seconds of finding a song the notes and chords will appear.  The notes will be lit up in multiple colors, and can be slowed down and explored step-by-step.

Song Tutor is packed with features to help you take your playing to new levels:

A) Turtle Speed Technology

Slow down songs by up to 90%

B)  Single Step Mode

Freeze each note or chord so you don’t have to guess what you’re supposed to play

C)  Key Transposer

Change the key to any song and it will instantly light up in the new key!

D)  Split-Hand Lighting

Shows you the left hand in one color, and the right hand in another to make it easier to learn what you’re playing

E)  Browser Mode

Conveniently search for files on the internet that can be instantly played in Song Tutor

F)  Loop Mode

Eaily repeat key parts of a song you really want to focus on

G) Virtual Piano Zoom

Expand the Song Tutor virtual keyboard to just the right size

H) 16 Track Controls

Supports up to 16 Tracks (solo, mute, and show individual tracks on virtual piano)

I) Upload and Share

Share and access files from members all over the world

J)  Advanced Pause Removal

Record a long jam session, private lesson and more and automatically detect and remove pauses

K)  Download Unlimited Songs

If you can find it on Google, Song Tutor can teach you!

L)  Highlight Specific Instruments

Select certain melodies or instrument to stand out by changing their color

Song tutor is  really a fantastic learning tool and we highly recommend that you check it out right now and get your copy now at the introductory rate before the price goes up.

Click Here to Buy Song Tutor Now!

To your music success,

Traci Crowley

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