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Guitar Maintenance: Dont Let Humidity Ruin Your Instrument

I remember back in the day before I knew any better I left my bass guitar in the car while running errands. The temperature was very hot and humid and I didn’t think twice about any potential damage this could cause to my music instrument.

I eventually made it to my lesson and my instructor grabbed my bass and started inspecting it as if something was very wrong. He asked if I left it in the car in this humid weather. I said yes. He did more examining of the neck etc and said not to ever do that and I was lucky my bass wasn’t all warped and damaged.

Needless to say I learned my lesson about guitar maintenance.

Humidity (or other weather extremes) can really do a number on your electric bass guitar, acoustic guitar, and many other instruments, so make sure you always protect your instrument from the elements to get the best playability and sound that you can get out of it.



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