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Hear and Play: Gospel Keys 101- Can You Really Play Piano in 3 Easy Steps?

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Many piano students spend too much TIME learning how to play the piano and not enough time actually PLAYING THE PIANO!

Years upon years of studying various techniques, music theory, and ‘level’ after ‘level’ may make piano teachers a lot of money, but learning music doesn’t have to be that way.

You need to start playing the piano to really learn, and now there is a way you can play ALL of your favorite hymns and congregational songs by ear right away.

Over the weekend, my friend Jermaine at Hear and Play, was telling me about an idea of his and it really made A LOT of sense.  In fact, our conversation went so well, he decided to put the information on his website (see below).

Jermaine Griggs,the pioneer of the award-winning GospelKeyslearning system, has come up with 3 simple steps to playing gospel music so you won’t waste any time at all.

In fact, it’ll virtually cut your learning time in half!

Click Here Now to Get Gospel Keys 101!

I’ve copied and pasted the most important parts below so you can get a general idea.


Step One: Determining the Melody

Step Two: Harmonizing the Melody

Step Three: Adding the Bass

These three steps are not super complicated theories that require several years of experience. In fact, they were designed for the total beginner with absolutely no musical experience.

What most people don’t understand is that most songs follow patterns. If you’ve been mistakenly learning songs, one by one, you’re doing things the hard way and only exercising your ability to MEMORIZE chords.

That’s exactly why it takes SO LONG to learn just one song.


If you concentrate on LEARNING PATTERNS, you’ll never go wrong because songs are built on repeating patterns. You should NEVER EVER have to memorize over 100 songs when they all share the same exact CHORDS, PROGRESSIONS, AND PATTERNS.

Click the button below for more information:

To your music success,


Traci Crowley 

P.S. – You might find more interesting information, techniques, or resources just by clicking around on their website..

Click Here to Get Gospel Keys101 Now!

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